Edinburgh Escorts Photo Shoot

Edinburgh Escorts Photo Shoot

Edinburgh Escorts Photo Shoot

Edinburgh Escorts Photo Shoot

Top Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Edinburgh Photo Shoot

Edinburgh Escorts Photo Shoot

  • Having your photos taken can be a pretty nerve wracking experience at the best of times so we always try to make things as normal and as easy as possible so here is what you can expect.
  • Most importantly its a closed set this means only you and the photographer will be present. You can bring someone with you but we find this doesn’t always make for the best shoot as you may find your even more self conscious with someone you know there, but if it helps you we have no problem with this. 
  • You will be asked to prove you are over 18 before the shoot starts.
  • You will not be asked for any money this service is totally free.
  • We only use female photographers.
  • You will be photographed in your underwear.
  • We rarely do fully nude shots but if your comfortable with this and want to do it just ask the photographer.
  • We would never ask you to do anything inappropriate this is a professional shoot and its important to us you feel safe and relaxed at all times. This makes for better photographs.
  • The shoot normally lasts around an hour.
  • Our studio is close to the city centre.

Preparing yourself for the shoot

The better your photos the more money you make !!

  • Make up is not necessary as we will be blurring out your face when we edit the photos prior to them being put on the website. If it makes you feel better to wear some then its not a problem for us.
  • Making sure you hair is clean and styled is really important for your photographs.  We also suggest making sure your colour is new and fresh if it is faded or you have roots showing.
  • Self-Tan can ruin photos if its patchy so make sure it done a couple of days before and its even on your body.
  • Bring at least 3 sets of matching underwear with you also highly important make sure you have at least one pair of heels with you. The more outfits the more business you will get guaranteed.
  • Remove any jewellery that may be recognisable in photographs this is to keep you anonymous.
  • Most tattoos can be removed in editing but its always best to ask before your shoot what we can achieve.
  • Finally practise some poses this will help you get the best from your shoot. You can always check out the profiles on the site for some ideas !

No 1 Escort Agency In Edinburgh

Our EdinburghAgency is focused on service at all times

The EEA team are always on the lookout for stunning  ladies who are not just hot and sexy but also enjoy what they do. We aim high at all times with our edinburgh escorts photo shoot so if you would like the opportunity to join our agency check through all the information on offer from our website often. We love our job (who wouldn’t?) and can’t wait for you to start with our agency in Edinburgh!

Take your time closely to look at each and everyone of our beautiful companions and you will see what they achieved on their edinburgh escorts photo shoot. We aim to cater for everyone here at EEA so click on each of the girls profiles to find out more to help build yourself the perfect profile

Choose EEA and discover why our agency is renowned as one of the most reliable and most well-reviewed in Scotland!

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